Terms of Service


1.1 "Website"
A collection of webpages that are all interconnected to one another. Usually located and accessed through a domain name and hosted through a hosting service provider.

1.2 "Issue"
The act of sending out or putting forth.

1.3 "Responsibility"
Being the author, the creator, the producer, the designer, the developer or the programmer.

1.4 "Ownership"
The act of legally possessing any tangible products, services, designs, graphics, logos, websites or anything else that Tranos Designs is responsible for.

1.5 "Domain Name"
A registered internet address used to identify the location of websites.
Example: tranosdesigns.com

1.6 "Live"
The state of a website being accessible to the public through the domain name after all necessary files are uploaded to the proper hosting account.

1.7 "Late Fee"
Fee applied to the overall balance of an invoice when the client's payment is not received within the first 15 days after the date recorded on the invoice. The late fee is 1% of the original balance per day that the payment is late.


2.1 Website Design
Tranos Designs' web design services include completely new websites, maintenance and redesign of current websites. Tranos Designs uses HTML, CSS, PHP, MySQL and JavaScript languages for developing and multiple art programs for designing websites. In addition to developing websites, Tranos Designs works hand in hand with it's clients when registering domain names and setting up hosting accounts as well as Google™ Analytics accounts to help monitor the site's viewer statistics. Tranos Designs insures that valid code and browser universality is achieved. Tranos Designs submits websites to all the major search engines as well as formats code for easy and accurate indexing by the search engines.

2.2 Web Hosting
Tranos Designs' web hosting consists of two optional packages. The only differences between the Basic and Deluxe packages are the disk space, bandwidth and price. To sign up for web hosting, go to the web hosting page and follow the three step instructions.

2.3 Marketing Materials
Tranos Designs' marketing design services include the process of designing digital concepts that, once completed, can be sent to a printer. Tranos Designs does not offer the actual printing service, only the designing and preparing.

2.4 Logo Design
Logo design is an individual service however it often accompanies Tranos Designs' web design services. Logos are available in multiple image formats as well as size attributes.

2.5 Email Newsletters
Tranos Designs uses Express Email Marketing®, a third party software from GoDaddy.com®, to create and manage email newsletters. Tranos Designs personally trains and assists in the setup of Express Email Marketing.

2.6 E-Commerce
Tranos Designs recommends digiSHOP®, a third party software from SumEffect Software®, to manage and customize online stores and shopping carts. Tranos Designs personally trains and assists in the setup of digiSHOP as well as customizes the online store and shopping cart to blend in with the rest of the website.

2.7 Inventory Photography
Tranos Designs photographs product inventories for use on websites. This is an additional service that accompanies Tranos Designs' web design services.

2.8 Improper Use and Illegal Activity
Tranos Designs does not offer services that have any relationship to or advocate any of the following; pornographic content, hate, obscene content, illegal acts, hacking, cracking, spamming, gambling, drug paraphernalia, violence or any intolerance to race or ethnicity.


3.1 Price Quotes
All price quotes are subject to change until an agreement between Tranos Designs and the client has been made. Any quote you receive in response to your request from Tranos Designs' free quote system is subject to change and is not guaranteed accurate nor final. Price quotes do not include any third party software, services or product fees. You will receive your quote within 1-2 business days after you submit your request.

3.2 Payment of Services
Payments are to be made within the first 15 days after the date recorded on the invoice. Each additional day that the payment is not made a late fee will be added to the total balance. The late fee will be an additional 1% of the original balance per day. If any conflict arises, contact sales at or call 805-222-0303.

3.3 Invoices
Invoices are issued by Tranos Designs to the client when payment is necessary. Tranos Designs' clients may request a current invoice at any time for their records by contacting sales at .


4.1 Graphics, Logos and Designs
All graphics, logos and designs that are created by Tranos Designs are property of Tranos Designs. Only Tranos Designs can claim responsibility for this artwork. For clients/website owner's user license, see section 4.3.

4.2 Intellectual Property
Tranos Designs or it's licensee holds all rights to all content on this website. No content may be used in any way without written consent from Tranos Designs or it's licensee.

4.3 Client User License
Tranos Designs' clients may claim ownership for all graphics, logos, designs and anything else that is displayed on their website. Tranos Designs' clients may not claim responsibility for artwork nor anything else that Tranos Designs has created.